Continuing Education Fund (CEF)

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The Continuing Education Fund (CEF) subsidises adults aged 18 or above on continuing education and training, to encourage the local residents to pursue continuing education.

Applicants studying language proficiency courses

  • Applicants studying language proficiency course are required to pass a specified benchmark test / examination (if applicable) at the specified (or higher) level to be eligible for fee reimbursement. Benchmark tests / examinations should be taken by the applicants after the language proficiency course has commenced.

  • A claim for reimbursement of fees for benchmark tests / examinations will only be accepted if it is accompanied with a claim for the relevant language proficiency course and can only be claimed once for each benchmark test / examination. Applicants must fill in the information of both the language proficiency course and the benchmark test / examination in the Application Form [SFO 313 (2022)]. Copies of documentary proof of passing the specified benchmark test / examination (if applicable) and benchmark test / examination fee receipts (if applicable) should be submitted together with copies of relevant supporting documents in respect of the language proficiency course. Reimbursement of benchmark test / examination fees alone will not be accepted.

  • Applicant can make use of the same benchmark test / examination to support the claim for more than one CEF language proficiency course but the fees for the benchmark test / examination can only be claimed once. The examination date of the benchmark test / examination must fall after the course commencement dates of the reimbursable courses used for claiming CEF. Other conditions under the prevailing reimbursement requirements, including the requirement of passing a specified benchmark test / examination at the specified (or higher level) and only one claim for reimbursement of the examination fee for each benchmark examination, etc. remain unchanged.

  • Information on the specified benchmark tests / examinations and levels of the languages proficiency courses can be downloaded from the “Reimbursable Course List” in this website.

  • Applicants should check with the institutions / course providers the required language benchmarks tests / examinations pegged to the language course that they would take.