Amounts of Allowances

  • Depending on household income, the Basic Allowance, the Medium Allowance, the Higher Allowance and the Child Allowance may be granted at full rate, 3/4 rate or half rate.
Total Monthly Working Hours (Hours) Monthly Allowance for Each Household Monthly Child Allowance for Each Child
144 to less than 168
(non-single-parent households)

36 to less than 54
(single-parent households)
Full-rate Basic Allowance: $800
3/4-rate Basic Allowance: $600
Half-rate Basic Allowance: $400
Full-rate Child Allowance: $1,000
3/4-rate Child Allowance: $750
Half-rate Child Allowance: $500
168 to less than 192
(non-single-parent households)

54 to less than 72
(single-parent households)
Full-rate Medium Allowance: $1,000
3/4-rate Medium Allowance: $750
Half-rate Medium Allowance: $500
192 or more
(non-single-parent households)

72 or more
(single-parent households)
Full-rate Higher Allowance: $1,200
3/4-rate Higher Allowance: $900
Half-rate Higher Allowance: $600

Disbursement of Allowances

  • Applicants will be notified of the application results after completion of the application vetting and any allowance approved will be credited directly to the applicants' bank accounts.