WFA Calculator

Important Notes

If you intend to apply for WFA, you can use the WFA Calculator to make a preliminary assessment of your eligibility and amount of allowance. Please note that the objective of WFA is to encourage self-reliance of low-income households not receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) through employment. The household benefiting from WFA cannot concurrently receive CSSA and individual-based Work Incentive Transport Subsidy (I-WITS) (applicable to the applicant and other household members whose working hours have been aggregated to apply for WFA) concurrently in the claim month for WFA. Those who use the WFA Calculator should pay attention to whether they can meet the above requirements. Moreover, the amount of allowance calculated by the WFA Calculator (amounts expressed in Hong Kong dollars, unless otherwise specified) is for reference only. It is calculated on the basis of the information you entered and the relevant income limits and asset limits for WFA.

After your formal submission of the application, the Working Family Allowance Office (WFAO) will calculate the amount of allowance to be granted to you, based on the information in the application form and the documentary proof provided. As such, the actual amount of allowance you receive may be different from that calculated by the calculator. WFAO assumes no liability for any loss incurred in the use of the calculator.

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