Sir Edward Youde Memorial Awards
for Self-improvement for Working Adults

History and Aim

The award scheme, which was established in 2000, aims at fostering the spirit of lifelong learning and constant quest for excellence and improvement. The Awards are made to recognise the determination, perseverance and commitment of working adults in seeking and undergoing retraining to better equip themselves in an increasingly competitive environment.

Number of Awards

For 2021/22, five awards will be granted to five recognised working adults, of whom four are nominated by the Employees Retraining Board and one is nominated by the Construction Industry Council.

Value of Awards

For 2021/22, the value of each award is HK$5,000.


Candidates should:
  1. be permanent residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong) or have the right of abode or the right to land in Hong Kong or be permitted to stay in Hong Kong without restriction;
  2. have undertaken a full-time retraining course and have taken up employment in a relevant field, preferably for six months or more as at 30 November of the year of nomination;
  3. be strongly recommended by their employers and agree to their nomination; and
  4. be fully worthy of nomination as assessed by their course attendance, participation and aptitude in learning a new skill.

Nomination Procedure

The Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Council Secretariat invites nominations in September / October each year from the training organisations / institutions as agreed by the Council.

Announcement of Results

The results will be announced in around February / March of the year that follows nomination.

Payment Arrangement

The Award monies will be paid after the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Council has decided on the awards. This will be remitted by cheques to the nominating organisations / institutions which will be requested to make disbursement to the award recipients.

Presentation of Awards

A certificate will be presented to each award recipient at the Awards Presentation Ceremony scheduled for March / April.

Further Information

For enquiries, please call the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Council Secretariat at 2150 7605 or 2150 6098.