Diploma Yi Jin
Diploma Yi Jin

Subsidy Scheme for Internet Access Charges (SIA)

  • Full-time DYJ students are eligible to apply for SIA if:
    • student-applicants are Hong Kong Residents, with right of abode, right to land or valid permission to remain without any condition of stay (other than the limit of stay) in Hong Kong;
    • applicants pass the means test and are issued with ECs for either "FULL" or "HALF" level of assistance; and
    • the student-applicants’ families are not in receipt of the same type of assistance under the CSSA Scheme.
  • The subsidy is granted on a household basis. Eligible families will receive a flat-rate cash grant, regardless of the number of children in the family, to meet the Internet access charges for e-learning at home for their children.
  • For applicants who submit their "Household Application for Student Financial Assistance Schemes" at a date on or after 1 February 2022 (i.e. in the latter half of the 2021/22 school year), partial payment of SIA may be made to the successful applicants provided they can pass the means test.
  • Students wishing to apply for SIA should complete and submit their ECs to the institution within one week from the commencement date of school or within two weeks from the date of issue of the EC (whichever is later) in accordance with the Guidance Notes issued with the EC. Payment will be made to eligible applicants by direct credit to their bank accounts. Please visit the webpage of the Subsidy Scheme for Internet Access Charges for more details.