Tertiary Student Finance Scheme - Publicly-funded Programmes (TSFS)
Tertiary Student Finance Scheme - Publicly-funded Programmes (TSFS)

Method of Assessment

  • Your eligibility for financial assistance depends on the financial position of your family. Your level of assistance will be determined by a two-tier means test involving your family income and assets.
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  • The SFO will normally accept reported information which is supported by documentary proofs.
  • If proper documentary proofs cannot be provided or the documents provided cannot substantiate the reported income / asset information of the family concerned (e.g. claim for prolonged unemployment is not substantiated or only self-written statement of income is provided), the SFO may make adjustments and apply benchmark figures based on the statistical information provided by the relevant government departments to assess the income and / or net value of the assets held by the family members concerned. Read More
  • The SFO may apply projected figures in the assessment of family income if necessary.
  • Only the medical expenses incurred by the applicant or his/her family member who is chronically ill or permanently incapacitated are deductible. Applicant should provide the relevant medical receipts for the period 1.4.2021 to 31.3.2022. The 2022/23 academic year maximum amount of deductible medical expenses is $22,300.
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Course Coding Sheet

STEP 2 General Information

Level of Financial Assistance