Tertiary Student Finance Scheme - Publicly-funded Programmes (TSFS)
Tertiary Student Finance Scheme - Publicly-funded Programmes (TSFS)

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Guidance Notes [TSFS 1B (2021)]
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More forms & documents
More forms & documents
1. a. Ready Reckoner and Sliding Scale of Asset Value for Discounting Financial Assistance for 2021/22 application
Ready Reckoner Download PDF file
Sliding Scale of Asset Value for Discounting Financial Assistance Download PDF file
b. The Checklist on Documentary Proofs Required (TSFS/ RM (2021)) * Download PDF file
c. Importance of Providing True and Complete Information (TSFS/ OM (2021)) * Download PDF file
d. "Prudent Financial Management - Key to Healthy Living" Leaflet [SFO/PFM 1 (Rev. 03/2015)] * Download PDF file
e. Return of Employee's Remuneration Form (TSFS/4 (2021)) * Download PDF file
f. Self-prepared Income Breakdown and Profit and Loss Account Download PDF file
g. Balance Sheet Download PDF file
h. Additional Information for Applicant on Postgraduate (By Research) Course (TSFS _V_12A(E)) Download PDF file
i. Bank Code List Download PDF file
j. Tertiary Student Finance Scheme - Publicly-funded Programmes - Provision of Supplementary Information / Documentary Proofs (TSFS/AP/6 (2021)) Download PDF file
k. Reference Table on Repayment of TSFS Loan Download PDF file
l. Information Notes on Repayment of Loan under the TSFS Download PDF file
2. a. Application for Review # Download PDF file
b. Application for Review Against Rejection # Download PDF file
3. Notification of Change of Personal Data (TSF/C/18A) # Download PDF file Online Form
4. Notification of Change of Institution / Course Data (TSF/C/18B) # Download PDF file
5. Notification of Change of Indemnifier’s Personal Particulars (TSFS/IDM/INFO/E) # Download PDF file
6. Loan documents (2021/22 academic year), including: Download PDF file
Prudent Financial Management: Points to Note
a. Notice of Offer [TSFS 12 (Rev. 2021)]
b. Undertaking (Signed by a Student Receiving Loan) [TSFS 15 (Rev. 2021)]
c. Deed of Indemnity [TSFS 16 (Rev. 2021)]
d. Student, Indemnifier and Witness Details Input Forms (Form A and B) [TSFS 29 (Rev. 2021)]
e. Checklist for Submission of Loan Documents [TSFS 148 (Rev. 2021)]
f. SFO E-link – My Bills Service Registration Guidelines (applicable to applicants whose "Notification of Result of Application" have been stated with the requirement to register with the Service)
7. Notification of Change of Study Status (Only applicable to student loan borrower whose loan(s) has been paid) [SFO297_E (Rev. 7/2021)] Download PDF file
8. Student Loan Repayment Notification of Change of Correspondence Address and / or Telephone Number(s) (SFO 96) Download PDF file
9. Application for deferment of loan repayment
a. All loan account(s) under application without overdue instalment or with one overdue quarterly instalment / five or less consecutive overdue monthly instalments-
i. (For financial hardship/illness) [SFO 102E(Rev. 2021)] Download PDF file
ii. (For full-time study) [SFO 101E(Rev. 2021)] Download PDF file
b. Others :
i. (For financial hardship/illness) [SFO 102E_dfa (Rev. 2017.02)] Download PDF file
ii. (For full-time studies) [SFO 101E_dfa (Rev. 2017.02)] Download PDF file
10. Direct Debit Authorization for Repayment of Student Loan (SFO 71A) #
11. Early Partial / Lump Sum Repayment of Loan under Tertiary Student Finance Scheme – Publicly-funded Programmes (TSFS) (SFO 185) Download PDF file
12. Restructuring Repayment Period of Loan under Tertiary Student Finance Scheme – Publicly-funded Programmes (TSFS) (SFO 278_E) Download PDF file
13. "Learn to Manage Money Before It Manages You" Leaflet [SFO/PFM 2 (Rev. 03/2015)] Download PDF file
14. Request Form of Additional Academic Expenses Grant for Students with Special Educational Needs (2021/22) Download PDF file
15. Reply Form for Two-year Interest-free Deferral of Loan Repayment (SFO 311) Download PDF file
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# Forms available at the SFO.
Duly completed and signed documents must be submitted IN PERSON to the counter of SFO during business hours for immediate processing in their originals. Submission into the drop-in box, by dispatch/post or by fax will not be entertained.
* Forms obtainable from respective schools and institutions (Student Affairs Offices).
STEP 3 Application


STEP 3 Application

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