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Non-means-tested Loan Scheme for Post-secondary Students (NLSPS)

Responsibilities of Applicants & Indemnifiers

Responsibilities of Applicants

(A) Providing true and complete information
  • You must complete the application documents FULLY and TRUTHFULLY. Any misrepresentation or omission may lead to disqualification from application and/or full recovery of loan(s) already offered to you and court proceedings. Read More

(B) Declaration by Applicants
  • You are required to declare in the Declaration of the NLSPS Application Form whether or not you:
    • have been declared bankrupt;
    • have applied for Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA); or
    • aware that legal proceeding(s) has / have been started or are pending or being threatened against you for your bankruptcy or for the appointment of a receiver, administrator, administrative receiver, trustee or similar officer over any or all of your assets.

(C) Notifying change of status / personal particulars of Applicants
  • You should notify the SFO in writing immediately if there is any change of your status or personal particulars: Read More

(D) Notifying change of study information
  • You must immediately notify the SFO in writing for our follow-up action, including but not limited to withholding the payment of the NLSPS loan to your bank account when there are changes in your study information. Read More

(E) Notifying change of status of indemnifiers
  • After the indemnifier signs the Deed of Indemnity, you should notify the SFO in writing immediately if there are changes in the financial / legal status, residential status or contact information of the indemnifier by using the Notification of Change of Indemnifier’s Personal Particulars FASP/IDM/INFO/E, which can be downloaded at the WFSFAA’s website. Read More

Responsibilities of indemnifiers
  • The indemnifier is required to notify the SFO immediately whenever there are any changes in his / her financial or legal status, or when he / she intends to leave / has left Hong Kong for three months, which procurement of another alternative indemnifier to execute the indemnity will be required. Read More
STEP 2 General Information

Maximum Level of Loan Amount and Life-time Loan Limit

STEP 2 General Information

Learn before you apply - Tips on Financial Management