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Non-means-tested Loan Scheme for Post-secondary Students (NLSPS)


  • To be eligible to apply for an NLSPS loan to cover your tuition fees payable in the 2021/22 academic year, you should:
    • be registered as a full-time student engaged in a locally-accredited self-financing post-secondary education programme at sub-degree (i.e. associate degree or higher diploma) or degree level; and Read More
    • have the right of abode in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong) or have resided or have had your home in Hong Kong continuously for three complete years prior to the commencement of the course.
      (Remarks: This does not cover students holding –
      1. student visas/entry permits;
      2. visas/entry permits under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates; or
      3. dependant visas/entry permits which were issued to them by the Director of Immigration when they were 18 years old or above.)
  • Your eligibility is restricted to only one eligible full-time course in any particular academic year. Read More
  • Full-time students of exclusively University Grants Committee-funded or exclusively publicly-funded places covered by the TSFS are not eligible for assistance under the NLSPS.
  • Even if you are eligible under the above circumstances, the Student Finance Office (SFO) reserves the right to require you to submit supplementary documents / information as and when necessary; and the final approval of your NLSPS application will rest with the SFO.
  • If you and/or your indemnifier has/have any arrears of grant and/or loan and/or subsidy under any financial assistance/loan scheme administered by the SFO, the SFO reserves the right to withhold the payment of loan to you and set off the overpaid amount from the loan to which you are entitled to in this academic year, even after processing of your application. The balance of the NLSPS loan after such set-off, if any, will be released to you. In addition or as an alternative, the SFO shall require you to refund the overpaid amount immediately upon the request of the SFO.
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Maximum Level of Loan Amount and Life-time Loan Limit