Non-means-tested Loan Scheme for Full-time Tertiary Students (NLSFT)
Non-means-tested Loan Scheme for Full-time Tertiary Students (NLSFT)

Payment Arrangements

  • The offer stated on the NLSFT notification of result or the TSFS notification of result is conditional upon your submission of the loan documents (including the “Undertaking”, the “Deed of Indemnity” and the “Student, Indemnifier and Witness Details Input Forms (Form A and Form B)”) and other related documents listed on the “Checklist for Submission of Loan Documents” to the SFO by mail (Address: Counter Service Unit, Student Finance Office, Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency, 11/F, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices (CSWGOs), 303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon) (Note 1) or through SFO’s drop-in boxes (Note 2) on or before the deadline as specified in the notification of result. Documents submitted by fax or email are not acceptable. The full set of loan documents and other related documents (including the “Checklist for Submission of Loan Documents”) can be downloaded at this website.

    Note 1: If you submit documents by mail, for proper delivery of the mail items to the SFO and to avoid unnecessary delay in delivery or unsuccessful delivery, please ensure that the mail items bear sufficient postage with return address before posting. Underpaid mail items are subject to surcharge by the Hongkong Post, and will be returned to the sender (with return address) or disposed of (without return address) by the Hongkong Post.

    Note 2: If you submit documents through the drop-in boxes at the SFO, please use the drop-in boxes located inside the Reception Hall on 11/F (during office hours) or G/F (outside office hours) of the CSWGOs.
  • After your successful submission of loan documents, the NLSFT loan will be paid direct to your institution by instalment(s) to settle your tuition fees in accordance with the loan payment options, i.e. Head (‘H’) or Tail (‘T’) as specified in your Details Input Form (Form A).
  • Under all circumstances, NLSFT loan will only be paid direct to your institution for settling your tuition fee. If you have already paid your institution part / all of your tuition fee before the payment of your NLSFT loan, the SFO will neither adjust the amount of your NLSFT loan to be paid to your institution nor pay any NLSFT loan to your bank account. Read More
  • The payment dates are the NLSFT loan draw down dates which are set by the SFO. Under normal circumstances, payment will not be made earlier than the due dates or tuition fee instalments.
  • After the disbursement of NLSFT loan to your institution has been arranged, the SFO will issue a Remittance Advice to you stipulating the amount of the NLSFT loan to be disbursed and the loan disbursement date for your reference. The disbursement date stipulated in the Remittance Advice is the NLSFT loan draw down date of the specified NLSFT loan.
  • If your institution, for any reason, postpones the tuition fee instalments due date to other later date and then informs the SFO of such after the payment has already been arranged, the SFO will be unable to withhold / re-arrange the concerned payment. Read More
  • Neither your application nor the approval for an NLSFT loan carries any implication that the payment due date of your tuition fee has been or will be deferred automatically by your institution. If the payment of the NLSFT loan to your institution for any instalment cannot be made on or before the tuition fee instalment due date, it is your own responsibility to liaise with your institution in respect of your tuition fee payment. The SFO will not bear the responsibility for any loss caused to you due to your late settlement of tuition fee.
  • Under normal circumstances, the demand note issued to you by your institution should specify the balance of your tuition fee for your settlement on or before the due date, which is the difference between your full tuition fee instalment (including student union fee and other miscellaneous charges, if any) and the amount of NLSFT loan you have specified for that instalment. If the demand note does not show any adjustment following your acceptance of the NLSFT loan, you should immediately seek clarification from your institution on the amount.
  • The application, acceptance and disbursement of NLSFT loan should serve the purpose of settling your tuition fee. If you submit the loan documents to accept the NLSFT loan approaching the end of the respective academic year, you have to liaise with your institution first and obtain its agreement, no matter you have paid your tuition fee or not, and notify the SFO in writing that your institution guarantees to receive the NLSFT loan. In any case, the SFO reserves the right not to accept your loan documents if such loan documents are submitted after 30 June 2023 since the respective academic year has been normally over, unless (i) your Notification is issued within the immediate past 2 calendar months or (ii) your Notification of Adjusted Result is issued within the immediate past 4 weeks.
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