Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP)
Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP)

Responsibilities of Applicants & Indemnifiers

  1. Providing true and complete information
    • During the course of vetting your current application, the SFO will, if necessary, make reference to your submitted application form(s) / information of the previous academic year(s) and ask you to clarify, explain or provide additional information. You have the responsibility to fill in each and every item of information in full details, accurately and truthfully and attach all documentary proof at the time of application. Ensure that your course data, your personal data and those of your family members are correct and notify the SFO immediately in case of discrepancies. Misrepresentations or omissions or improperly filling in of information, intentional obstruction to our staff in the course of their verification, concealment of information or failure to provide the information/clarification as required will result in serious consequences. Read More
  2. Declaring financial status of Applicants and Indemnifiers
    • You are required to notify the SFO immediately if there are changes in your / your indemnifier’s financial, legal and residential status. If your indemnifier becomes incapable of fulfilling the obligations required under the Deed of Indemnity, you are required to procure an alternative indemnifier. The alternative indemnifier shall act in substitution and shall execute similar Deed of Indemnity. Read More
  3. Notifying change of study information
    • You must notify the SFO in writing immediately when there are changes in your study information. Read More
  4. Responsibilities of Indemnifiers for loans accepted by applicants
    • The SFO has right to administer the payment arrangement and determine the execution of the financial assistance schemes. The indemnifier is required to notify the SFO immediately whenever there are any changes in his/her financial or legal status, or when he / she intends to leave / has left Hong Kong for more than three months, which procurement of an alternative indemnifier to execute the indemnity will be required. He /she is also required to furnish the SFO with copies of his / her Hong Kong Identity Card. Read More
STEP 2 General Information

Level of Financial Assistance

STEP 2 General Information

Tips on Financial Management