Extended Non-Means-Tested Loan Scheme(ENLS)
Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme(ENLS)

Checklist for Submission

  • Your application should include the required documents listed below. If the required documents submitted are not in order, your application will not be accepted.
  • duly completed and signed Application Form;
  • photocopies of the Hong Kong Identity (HKID) Cards of yourself, your Indemnifer(s), and your Witness(es). The photocopies should be signed next to the image of the HKID cards and certified as true copies by the respective cardholders. The signatures should be the same as those shown on the Undertaking and the Deed of Indemnity, as appropriate. The photocopies should be made on separate A4 size white paper which is blank on both sides. Read More
  • a photocopy of your Student Identity Card and / or admission letter, together with any document showing your course of study in the 2020/21 academic year if your Student Identity Card does not contain such information. You should also bring along your original Student Identity Card and / or admission letter for verification;
    1. if you have already paid the tuition fee(s), please provide the original receipt(s); Read More
    2. if you have not paid the tuition fee(s), please submit debit note or payment schedule issued by your institution or its operator / local agency (if applicable) which clearly states the exact amount and payment due date(s) of tuition fee(s) payable;
    3. if the application involves paid and unpaid part of your tuition fee(s), you should submit relevant documents as stipulated in (i) and (ii) above;
  • the original copy of bank exchange memo / bank receipt showing the exchange rate in Hong Kong dollars if you have paid the tuition fee(s) in foreign currencies;
  • duly completed and signed Undertaking in the presence of a Witness;
  • duly completed and signed Deed of Indemnity in the presence of a Witness;
  • original documentary evidence issued by government bureau / departments, public organisations / utilities or commercial organisations showing your residential and correspondence addresses in Hong Kong in the past three months. Read More
  • documentary evidence showing your indemnifier’s employment status and income, residential address, correspondence address and office / employer’s business address; Read More
  • documentary evidence showing your employer's business address upon request if you are under employment;
  • the original bank transaction advice / account deposit form / original ATM transaction advice for the administrative fee paid;
  • if you have already paid all or part of your tuition fee(s), you should submit a photocopy of the relevant page of your personal savings / current account’s bank passbook or bank statement showing your name and account number for our arrangement to reimburse all or part of the loan for the tuition fee(s) paid by direct crediting to your bank account;
  • the printout of acknowledgement of receipt / confirmation message after registering “SFO E-link – My Bills” service. The Link-up code to register with “SFO E-link – My Bills” service will be generated when you submit your application to the SFO. Read More; and
  • the completed authorisation form (application if you are unable to submit the above documents to the SFO in person).
  • All of the above submitted documents are not returnable. Read More
STEP 3 Application

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