What am I eligible for ?

What am I eligible for ?

Using this tool, you can:
  • Find which assistance scheme(s) you may apply for
  • Calculate the estimated amount / level of assistance


Assistance scheme(s) for the above levels of study are:

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This programme enables you to find the assistance scheme(s) that you may apply for and have a rough estimate of the amount of financial assistance. For applicants who would apply for the Tertiary Student Finance Scheme - Publicly-funded Programmes (TSFS) or Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP) only, you would be informed of the financial assistance you are entitled under the TSFS/FASP and the Non-means-tested Loan Schemes (NLS), if any, simultaneously in the TSFS/FASP notification of result. Therefore, this calculator also includes a part which could provide a rough estimate of the NLS offer and assistance level of student travel subsidy for TSFS/FASP applicants.

The amount of grant and/or loan estimated by this programme is for your reference only. The calculation is based on the study information, income figures, asset values and number of family members, etc. you provided. In your formal application, the information provided by you will be vetted and is subject to amendment if the information is found to be incorrect. In addition, if documentary proofs provided are not substantiated (e.g. self-written statement of income or unexplained prolonged unemployment), the SFO may need to make adjustments and apply benchmark figures on the basis of statistical information provided by the relevant government departments, such as the Census and Statistics Department, the Rating and Valuation Department, and the Transport Department etc. to assess the income of and/or net value of the assets held by the family member concerned. The SFO may apply projected figures of family income in the assessment if necessary. Your actual entitlement may therefore vary from the figures produced by this programme. We accept no liability for any loss or misrepresentation incurred by its use.

Please refer to the Application Guidance Notes of respective assistance schemes for detailed explanation of the factors affecting the assessment of your financial assistance.

Your study information

Your study information
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