Working Family Allowance Scheme


The Working Family Allowance (WFA) Scheme encourages self-reliance and eases inter-generational poverty. Applications under the WFA Scheme are made on a household basis (including singleton households). A household meeting the working hour requirements, income and asset limits may apply for a Basic Allowance, Medium Allowance or Higher Allowance. Each eligible child may also be eligible for a Child Allowance. Depending on the household income, the allowances may be granted at full rate, 3/4 rate or half rate.


    1. A household (including singleton household) meeting the working hour requirements, income and asset limits.

    2. To qualify for a Child Allowance under the WFA Scheme, a household must have a child/children aged below 15, or aged between 15 and 21 receiving full-time education (but not post-secondary education).

Income and Asset Limits
Income and Asset Limits applicable to the claim months from April 2023 to March 2024
Number of Household Members Monthly Household Income Upper Limits for Full-rate Allowances1 Monthly Household Income Upper Limits for 3/4-rate Allowances2 Monthly Household Income Upper Limits for Half-rate Allowances3 Household Asset Limits for Various Allowances
1 person $10,600 $ 12,700 $14,800 $278,000
2 persons $15,000 $18,000 $21,000 $376,000
3 persons $18,600 $22,300 $26,000 $490,000
4 persons $23,200 $27,800 $32,500 $573,000
5 persons $23,500 $28,200 $32,900 $636,000
6 persons $24,900 $29,800 $34,800 $688,000
7 persons $735,000
8 persons $769,000
9 persons $851,000
10 persons or more $917,000

The income limits for full-rate allowances are set at the levels not exceeding 50% of Median Monthly Domestic Household Income of economically active households (MMDHIEA).


The income limits for 3/4-rate allowances are set at the levels exceeding 50% but not higher than 60% of MMDHIEA


The income limits for half-rate allowances are set at the levels exceeding 60% but not higher than 70% of MMDHIEA.

Asset Limit

Household assets include:#

  • land;
  • landed properties (excluding self-occupied properties);
  • vehicles/vessels;
  • taxi/public light bus licences;
  • investments;
  • shares/business undertakings; and
  • bank deposits/cash, etc.
Income Limit

The income limit is calculated based on the MMDHIEA. For details, please refer to the footnote of the above “Income and Asset Limits” Table.

Household income includes:#

  • wages (deducting employees’ mandatory contribution to Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes);
  • fees received for services rendered;
  • profits from business; and
  • rental income, etc.

The above only sets out some common examples of household assets and income and is not an exhaustive list. For details of household assets and income, please call the hotline of Working Family Allowance Office at 2558 3000.

Working Hour Requirements
  • Working hours include:

    1. Hours of paid work performed by the applicant/household members (employed or self-employed)

    2. Hours of paid work performed by household members (employed or self-employed) whose working hours are aggregated

    3. Hours derived from paid holidays and absence such as sick leave and maternity leave

    The applicants of non-single-parent households and single-parent households1 meeting the following total monthly working hour requirements can apply for the following allowance:
    Total Monthly Working Hours (Hours) Monthly Allowance for Each Household

    144 to less than 168
    (non-single-parent households)

    36 to less than 54
    (single-parent households)
    Full-rate Basic Allowance: $1,000
    3/4-rate Basic Allowance: $750
    Half-rate Basic Allowance: $500

    168 to less than 192
    (non-single-parent households)

    54 to less than 72
    (single-parent households)
    Full-rate Medium Allowance: $1,200
    3/4-rate Medium Allowance: $900
    Half-rate Medium Allowance: $600

    192 or more
    (non-single-parent households)

    72 or more
    (single-parent households)
    Full-rate Higher Allowance: $1,400
    3/4-rate Higher Allowance: $1,050
    Half-rate Higher Allowance: $700

    A working single parent applicant (including a guardian) has to live with at least one child aged below 15.

  • A household generally refers to a unit with persons having close economic ties (but excluding economic ties arising from employment relationships) and living on the same premises (in Hong Kong). Members must be Hong Kong residents, normally including husband and wife and those who live on the same premises and share or are obliged to share provisions for a living. For the definition of household member(s), please refer to Section 3.1 of the WFA Guidance Notes for details.